Mission Statement

To glorify God and His Son, Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, by sharing the gospel among all nations, building kingdom relationships through Word and deed, intentionally raising, training and sending Great Commission disciples.

Mission Emphasis

SBC desires to be involved in strategic missions relationships, with the desire of relationship building and discipleship training focusing on the following 4 areas to accomplish that goal:


We understand that prayer is the most powerful tool given by God to accomplish his purposes and is vital to all mission work.


SBC desires to educate members on a biblical perspective of missions and the current state of the gospel around the world, with the intent of raising up an informed, missions minded, church body.


Support obviously includes financial support, but also any type of encouragement our partners on the field may be in need of.


When Jesus gave the disciples the great commission, he commanded them to Go out into the world and make disciples. Along with praying, educating, and supporting of missionaries we want to be a "going" church body. We want to raise up missions minded people from within the SBC body willing to go to the unreached peoples.